Good Night Bali (3)

The third day in Bali was our happiest and the most exhausting day at the same time. We rent a car plus the driver for 12 hours. So we can visit some beautiful places in that Goddess Island.

We arrived at the hotel at 8pm. Opening the room’s door and felt the cool air breeze from the room’s air-conditioning relieved us. As we felt the (very) hot Bali weather all day long except the in Kintamani and Besakih since they’re on 1000 meters above sea level. Well, I’ll write our trip stories on the next posting. Now I’ll write down the third story page I’ve got.


Many, many years ago when the islands of Bali and Java were still one mass of land, there was a special religious retreat. Here lived a high caste priest named Sidhimantra, along with his wife and only son Manik Angkeran. The priest and his wife were well respected by the local villagers and known for their wisdom and generosity. Unfortunately their son did not have such a good character and everyday he spent his time cockfighting in the company of petty criminals.

Manik seemed to be lucky and always came home with his pocket full of money.

“Come on black, jump again. Great, you really are a champion.” he shouted in a loud voice when his black fighting cock won again.

“It’s always easy to make money,” he boasted whenever his pockets were empty. One day Manik’s luck ran out and he began to lose more and more money each day gambling. It wasn’t long before he was in debt.

The other gamblers grew impatient waiting for their money to be returned and decided to go and see Manik Angkeran’s parents to ask them to repay the debts. Priest Sidhimantra was shocked to hear this disturbing news about his son, but he promised to repay all of the outstanding money. When the group of gamblers left, Priest Sidhimantra called his son over.

“Are you pleased with your behavior? You just seem to do whatever you want and are not prepared to take responsibility for the consequences. In this way that I have thought you to lead your life,” he questioned sadly.

“Listen carefully Manik, this is the last time that I will help you with your debts,” said the priest.

Early the next morning Priest Sidhimantra left on a long journey until he came to a big cave on the side of Mount Agung. Sitting in front of the cave entrance the priest began to ring his golden bell that he used for prayer.

“Ting.. ting .. ting”. A giant dragon roared and emerged from the cave.

“Ahhh! My good friend Priest Sidhimantra, it has been a long time. It seems you have a problem, so what can i do for you sir,” questioned the dragon. After Priest Sidhimantra told the full story of his sons gambling debts.

The dragon replied, “Don’t worry my friend,” he shocked his scaled bosy and a pile of gold coins fell to the ground.

Unbeknown to his father, Manik had followed and was hidden behind a large rock.

“That’s incredible, just look at all those gold coins,” he whispered to himself.

Afraid that his father might catch him, Manik left quietly and returned home.

Later that day Priest Sidhimantra arrived with a big sack of gold coins which he handed to his son to repay the gambling debts. With everything paid off there were still plenty of coins left over for Manik to gamble away and have fun with his rowdy group of friends. It was only a matter of days before he was in debt again, but this did not seem to concern him.

Early the next morning Manik ventured out alone deep into the forest until he reached the dragon’s cave. Taking out the prayer bell that he had stolen from his father, he rang it to call the dragon.

“Who are you and and where did you get that bell? roared the dragon.

“I am the son of Priest Sidhimantra and I have come because my father is sick,” Manik lied.

“Wait, I will get something to help your father,” and the dragon returned to the cave. As the dragon turned around, Manik saw a large white diamond at the end of the beast’s tail.

Not wanting to lose the chance, Manik sprung up in an attempt to grab the diamond. The dragon was engaged with anger at the boy’s greed and blew flames of fire from his nostrils that burnt Manik’s body.

“Please stop, my friend. No matter how bad Manik is, he is still my son. Please forgive him,” cried Priest Sidhimantra appearing at the cave.

“I will spare the boy with one condition. He has to remain here and become my student,” replied the dragon.

Priest Sidhimantra began the long trip back to his religious retreat burdened with great sadness as he had failed to educate his son correctly. Half way home the priest stabbed his walking stick into the ground. This split lands of Bali and Java, creating a boarder which would make it impossible for Manik to return home. After many years of isolated study, Manik Angkeran became a successful priest who was known for his wisdom and knowledge.

The moral story is that sometimes a person’s character is influenced by a negative environment. A sacrifice has to be made so that good can come of the situation.

Good Night Bali (2)

Here is the second story. The page that was put on our bed on the second night we stayed. I found it after we went back from Joger (souvenirs store in Kuta) and Uluwatu (a temple on the rocks). My husband was working on that day. He had a meeting appointment with his company’s customer in the hotel lobby. So we went for sightseeing just the three of us. Me and my sons.

They didn’t enjoy the trip of the day at all. Well, which boys would enjoy shopping time anyway? ๐Ÿ™‚ ย And they don’t like visited to Uluwatu as well because there are a lot of naughty monkeys in the temple complex. I can see their happy smile again once we went back to the hotel. They ran all the way to the beach in the backyard of the hotel and played there until sunset.

Oh.. the story page. I almost forget to write it down. ๐Ÿ™‚


Once upon a time in a small village in the Maluku Islands there lived a young orphan girl called Ina Luhu. She was polite and friendly girl who respected everyone in the close-knit community. Although Ina Luhu was well liked and had many friends, she often felt upset because she had no family. One day she decided that she would leave her sadness behind and move from the village to somewhere completely new.

On a fine sunny morning Ina Luhu packed her few belongings and left the village on foot. “Farewell my village. Farewell my friends,” she shouted waving her hand up high.

After three days of walking Ina lulu arrived in a scenic village surrounded by clove trees. The land belonged to the Soya Kingdom and word had it that the King was an extremely kind and generous man. The first thing that Ina Luhu set out to do was make an appointment with the King to ask his permission to stay.

The King was extremely happy to meet such a brave girl who was all alone in the world. He offered her a position within his palace where she would stay in comfort, which she immediately accepted.

After living in the palace for sometime and having made many new friend, Ina Luhu still felt loneliness in her heart. With careful consideration the girl knew it was time to move on again and she asked the King for his permission to leave. The King’s answer was no, as he had grown fond os the orphaned girl and felt responsible for her care.

One dark night Ina Luhu crept out of the palace as she felt she had to leave with or without the King’s permission. Setting out with no set destination in mind the girl remembered only one thing, and that was to pray for guidance.

“Oh God, please show me the best way to lead my life and the path to happiness,” she whispered as she walked alone into the darkness.

As she journeyed a little further into the forest, Ina Luhu came across a magnificent chocolate coloured horse feeding on some grass. She approached the horse slowly, patted its neck gently and climbed upon its back.

“Take me away on your back my friend,” she cried and with that the horse began to run swiftly into the night.

As the morning sun began to risen Ina Luhu found herself high on a hill top. Looking down she could see the spectacular panorama of Ambon Bay and the surrounding area that was filled trees and ripe fruit. “This is so beautiful. Thank you God for your blessing,” she said.

Meanwhile, in the Kingdom of Soya, The King was terribly upset to find that Ina Luhu had run away. He called all of his soldiers and horsemen and ordered them to search for the girll and bring her back safely. The army of men followed the trail that Ina Luhu had taken on the back of her horse.

Finally the soldiers came across Ina Luhu, but she was determined to continue her journey through the forest and over the mountains. She really didn’t want to return to the palace as what she was looking for was true happiness within her heart. When the soldiers made an attempts to grab her, she and the horse vanished into thin air.

NEvertheless, the local people believe that the soul of the independent Ina Luhu still roams the forest on her horse. She would be very old now and the children in the area refer to her spirit as Nenek Luhu or Grandmother Luhu.

The moral of the story is that in life we have the responsibility to support ourselves and not depend on others. If we have a strong believe in God, then he will lead the way.

Good Night Bali (1)

Last week we went to Bali and stayed in Intercontinental Resort in Jimbaran. Nice hotel. Very nice indeed. What I like best is every afternoon when we came back to our room, we could always find a page of short bed time story that was put by the housekeeping team on the bed, next to the pillow. When we have a ‘busy’ day like days in Bali, lying down in bed at night and read those stories is sooo relaxing.

I’ll write those three stories here and share them with all of you. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Along time ago in the area of Mount Bromo lived a community of people who were ancestors of the might Majapahit Kingdom. In one of the small outer villages a woman gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The child was content and rarely cried, so she was given the lovely name of Rara Anteng. Atย the same time in the same village, the priest’s wife gave birth to a handsome baby boy. He was a healthy boy with loud cry, so he was named Jaka Seger. It seemed that the two were destined to be together forever. As the children they played happily and as young adults they became a couple.

One day a cruel and ugly thief arrived in the village and everyone was afraid of him. The thief was a greedy man and took whatever he wanted. None of the villagers were brave enough to confront him. As it happened, when the thief set his eyes upon the lovely Rara Anteng he instantly wanted to take her as his wife.

Rara Anteng was afraid of the ugly thief and wary of his temper.

“I will become your wife with one condition. You have t o build a lake on the top pf Mount Bromo and have it complete in one night,” said Rara Anteng naming a task that was really quite impossible.

“Not a problem. I am a powerful man” laughed th thief boldly.

The thief immediately set off to Mount Bromo where he found a quiet spot to meditate. He called all of the evil spirits to help him so that he could marry Rara Anteng. AS nightfall approached the thief transformed himself into am enormous giant and he began to dig the soil on the mountain top using just a coconut shell. Together with an army of evil spirits helping him he continued to dig.

“Ha ha haa. It won’t be long until Ihave a beautiful young wife,” he boasted.

Meanwhile back in the village, Rara Anteng had thought of a plan. She had gathered all of the women from the community and told them to collect plenty of dry grass to place on the east side of the village. When the thief had almost finished digging the lake the sky was still dark. Rara Anteng gave the signal to torch the grass which created a blazing fire that lifted up the entire sky. The women then began all of their morning chores and made as much noise as possible. Cocks began to crow, birds began to sing and dogs began to bark.

The thief was shocked as morning had arrived so quickly and he hadn’t yet completed the lake. At the same time all of his evil spirits helpers had disappeared as they were scared of the daylight. Rara Anteng had been very clever in fooling the thief that it was morning with the bright glow from the fire.

The thief was angered that he had been so easily tricked.

“She won’t be my wife now because she is just too smart,” he roared.

Disappointed he threw the coconut shell hard to the ground and in the place that it landed grew a mountain which is named Mount Batok (Mount Shell). The site that the thief dug with his evil spirit helpers became a lake full of sand instead of water, which is now known as Lautan Pasir (Ocean of Sand).

Rara Anteng was so pleased that her plan worked. She remembered to thank all of the other women in the village for their participation. Eventually she married her true love, Jaka Seger, and they styled a new village called Tengger, which was combination of both their names.

The moral of the story is to never give up when you come across difficulties in life. Somehow there will be a way out that will lead to happiness.

Cerita LAMA (banget)

Bulan April 2009 lalu, rencananya, aku dan my hubby mo ke Carribean. Ada undangan dari kantornya untuk ngehadiri acara penerimaan award dalam rangka prestasinya yang mengagumkan. *lebay*.

Tapi, yang ada, karena misunderstanding dalam pengurusan visa, kami malah ‘nyangkut’ di Paris. Jadi gini loh. Saint Martinee di Carribean itu adalah daerah bekas jajahan Prancis. Dan selaen itu, penerbangan ke Saint Martinee itu transit dulu di Paris. That’s why, kami ngurus visa di kedubes Prancis yang di Jakarta. Mereka okeh2 aja. Ga ada penerangan apapun.

Singkat cerita, setelah terbang 2 jam Jkt-Kuala Lumpur. Dan 15 jam Kuala Lumpur-Paris. Kami dikasih tau para petugas di bandara Orly, Paris. Kalo kami mau ke Saint Martinee di Carribean, kami harus punya visa yg beda lagi (yg tetap dikeluarin oleh kedubes Prancis di negara bersangkutan). Alamak.

Jadilah kami stuck di Paris yang lagi musim semi. Bahasa dia : printemp (baca prangtang). Dengan koper yang cuma berisi baju2 untuk ke negara tropis. Bawa baju2 kemeja dan kaos aja. My hubby malah bawa beberapa celana pendek untuk ke pantai. Dan aku bawa 3 pasang sendal berhak tinggi yg matching sama gaun2 untuk acara dinner. Halah. Di udara sedingin di Paris, mana bisa pake celana pendek, baju kaos, dan sandal!ย  Semua orang pake jaket tebel, kaos kaki atau stocking dan sepatu tertutup.

So, first thing first yang mesti kami kerjain begitu kami sadar kalo kami stuck di Paris sampe tiba hari yg tertera di tiket buat pulang ke Jakarta itu yaaa.. nyari shopping mall buat beli jaket buat aku. Dapet. Tapi mahal bo’. Secara kurs rupiah sama euro itu yaah .. gimana gitu. Ya sudahlah. Gimana lagi. Harus beli. Ketimbang menggigil kedinginan.

Setelah itu, baru kami jalan2. Empat hari jalan2 di kota Paris. Aiiih … asik banget. Kapan lagi. Ya ga sih. Pikir2 .. untung ada masalah visa. Kalo ga, kami cuma dapet jemur2 di pantai Karibia. Ah pantai. Di Indonesia juga banyak!ย  ๐Ÿ˜›

My hubby jadi guide aku selama di sana. Dia ngajak aku ke Notre Dame. Gedung yang luar biasa gede. Dan rumit bentuk bangunannya. Tapi indah.

Trus, kami ke menara Eiffel. Rangkaian besi yang indah. Semuanya keliatan detail dan perfect. Naek kapal cruise dari pelabuhan di deket Eiffel. Menyusuri sungai Seine. Liat kanan kiri penuh dengan bangunan2 klasik yang indah.

Ke Champs Elisee (baca : song delizee).

Ke Arc de Triomph.

Ke Lido. Nonton operet. Bagus walopun kostum penarinya aneh. ย ๐Ÿ˜€

Ke istananya Napoleon Bonaparte. Rada di luar kota dikit. Bukan di Paris lagi. Tapi udah di Versailles (baca: versaye). Istana yang indah dan megah. Luaaas .. bener. Cape ngelilinginya. Sayang waktu kita kita ke sana, ada beberapa bagian yang direnovasi. Jadi, kita jalan2 di tamannya aja. Tamannya juga luaaas .. banget. Si Napoleon sama istrinya Marie Antoinette pasti jalan2nya sambil berkuda. Makanya mereka bikin seluas itu. Kalo jalan kaki kaya kita mah .. whuaduuh … cape deeeh …

Ke Musee du Louvre. Mo ngeliat lukisan si Monalisa yang ngetop itu. Rame dan berjubel. And I bet, mereka juga sama blank-nya dengan aku. Ga ngerti di mana letak istimewanya lukisan itu dibanding ribuan lukisan lain di museum itu.

Dan kesana kemari naek kereta bawah tanah alias Metro.

Itu cerita asiknya. *oya, poto-potonya ada di facebook. harus double upload di sini juga kah?*

Yang ga asiknya ada juga. Sisi negatif dari Paris. Banyak copet, gelandangan, pengemis dan berbagai orang ga ramah dan cenderung menakutkan.

Banyak pengemis yg nanya, “Speaking English?” dan langsung nyodorin kertas tulisan ‘Ladies and Gentleman .. bla.. bla… bla…’ . Yang intinya adalah dia mo minta duit. Jadi, kalo ditanya “Speaking English?” sama orang yang mencurigakan, jangan dijawab. Geleng2 aja. Ga usah ngomong. Selaen itu, yang bikin takut itu .. pedagang souvenir asongannya. Secara mereka adalah dari kaum ras Afrika. Otomatis badan mereka gede2 dengan kulit warna item seitem2nya. Cara mereka nawarin dagangan juga jauh dari ramah. Dan aku secara refleks, jadi lebih sering megang tas kuat2 ketimbang tertarik mo liat2 dagangannya.

Blom lagi susahnya nyari petunjuk arah di Paris. Terlalu banyak persimpangan. Sementara bentuk gedungnya nyaris2 mirip. Semua berwarna natural. Coklat krem atau abu-abu. Ga ada yang dicat. Jadi ga ada sesuatu buat dijadiin penanda jalan. Dan jangan harap bisa nanya ke polisi. Karna polisi bakal cuma nggeleng tanpa senyum sedikitpun. Mungkin bahasa Inggris mereka juga terbatas . *Atau memang males nolong*

Trus, yang juga ngeganggu itu adalah .. bau pesing dimana-mana. Di taman kota, disudut-sudut ย gedung, di mana-mana deh pokoknya. Itu adalah hasil karya para homeless alias gelandangan yang seharian cuma duduk di bangku taman sambil bawa-bawa karung-karung yang berisi harta bendanya. Dan dengan seenaknya pipis di sembarang tempat.

Sebenernya banyak bangku-bangku di taman atau di pinggir-pinggir jalan. Sayangnya, males banget mau dudukin bangku-bangku itu. Soalnya, banyak kotoran burung merpati. Dan kalo ga waspada, kotoran itu bisa jatuh di atas kepala kita yang sedang jalan di bawah barisan pohon itu. Waaah…. padahal kalo di pilem-pilem Hollywood, kayanya asik banget. Indah banget suasananya. Ngasih makan burung merpati yang jinak-jinak. Eh .. kenyataannya, dimana-mana banyak kotoran burung. Di pohon tempat si burung nangkring, di bangku2 di bawah pohon itu, bahkan di trotoar sepanjang jalan kota juga. Kotor dan rada menjijikkan. *kalo di sini, udah jadi burung dara goreng tuh si merpati segede ayam kampung gitu … *

But … anyway busway …. bener kata orang. Paris memang mengagumkan. Walopun musim semi-nya aja bisa bikin aku menggigil kedinginan, tapi .. tetep .. I love Paris.

Paris, Je t’aime …. ย ๐Ÿ™‚

Tiap bloggers pasti ngecek Blog Stats nya kan. Dari mana aja referrer, kok orang2 bisa tau ada blog kita. Ya ga sih. Nah. Aku juga gitu. Kadang2 pengen juga liat referrer dan key word apa yang bisa bikin orang laen mampirin blogku. Yang bikin jidatku ngerut2 .., kok minggu2 ini banyak banget pembaca dari negeri jiran yang mampirin blogku. Aku sih ngerti bahasa Melayu. Tapi .. apa mereka juga ngerti bahasa Indonesia percakapan ?

Ternyata kebanyakan dari mereka, ngeklik blog aku dari http://gua.com.my/Community/Malaysian-Blogs.aspx

Haa ? Denger aja baru pas baca itu. Ternyata ada komunitas Gua di Malaysia. Kok bisa2nya aku direfer dari sana. Penasaran dong ? Ya iya dong. Masa ya iyalah ..

Klik gua.com.my … liat nih yg aku ktemu ..

gua1Dan setelah di scroll down .. aku ketemu ini ..


Loh ! Kapan aku register jadi member komunitas sana ya ? Rasa2nya blom pernah sih. Atau mungkin ada yang berbaek hati nge-register aku ? Oh, well … i should say makaseeeh then. Jiran memang patut macam tu la .. agaknya. Mesra dan ramah. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Makaseeh jugak buat Malaysian blogger yang dah stop-by kat sini. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Buku-bukunya Stephenie Meyer unik ya. Yang serial Twilight itu loh. Judul2nya ; Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn.

Ngebahas tentang legenda yang umum di dunia Barat sana. Tentang vampir dan juga manusia serigala. Karna ngebahas kisah cinta yang aneh (antar manusia, vampir dan juga werewolf), makanya buku ini jadi menarik.

Sama kaya buku2nya J.K Rowling yang laris manis gara2 ngebahas tentang tema yang ga umum. Dunia yang bukan dunia manusia biasa. Dunia para penyihir.

Tapi, setelah baca2 sampe buku ke-empat (Breaking Dawn), barulah aku sadar perbedaan yang jelas banget antara Stephenie Meyer sama Rowling. Bedanya adalah .. Rowling adalah tipe penulis yang ‘tegaan’. Ga peduli sama perasaan para pembacanya. Kalo menurutnya dalam pertarungan itu harus ada yang mati, ya dibikinnyalah mati si tokoh itu. Untuk membuat gambaran gimana sebenernya seremnya pertarungan para witches itu. Yang bisa berakibat kepada kematian. Dari awal aja udah dibikinnya orang tua si tokoh utama mati. Abis itu, si ayah baptis. Terus si kepala sekolah. Terakhir, si guru paling jahat (yg sebenernya juga melindungi). Dibikin mati juga.

Sementara si Meyer ga gitu. Walopun Bella, si tokoh utama -yang adalah manusia-, menjalin hubungan sama si vampir dan temenan sama si werewolf. But, nothing is happened. Ga ada satupun kematian baik dari pihak Bella dan manusia laen sebagai orang dekatnya. Ataupun dari pihak Edward dan keluarga vampirnya. Ataupun dari pihak Jacob dan keluarga werewolf nya. Nothing. Semua aman2 aja. Sampe buku keempat tamat.

Walopun seseru apapun beda pendapatnya. Seheboh apapun berantemnya. Setegang apapun pertarungannya. Teteup. Ntar2nya pasti happy ending. Si Bella akhirnya jadian sama Edward si vampir tanpa harus ada leher yang jadi korban. Jacob si werewolf yang tadinya mau saling bunuh dengan Edward malah akhirnya jadi temenan sama seluruh keluarganya si Edward. Si Jacob yang berselisih pendapat dengan keluarga werewolf (atau dibuku keempat malah disebut sebagai shape-shifter, bukan werewolf), malah akhirnya bisa menyatukan keluarga besar mereka dengan keluarga besar vampir. Pokoknya happy ending.

Di buku keempat, malah si Jacob ternyata adalah imprint (saling jodoh sejak pandangan pertama) dari anak Bella dan Edward. Jadi, lengkaplah mereka. Persatuan antara (mantan) manusia, vampir, manusia serigala, dan bayi setengah manusia setengah vampir. Happy .. happy .. happy ..

Memang sih, ada korban. Ada yang mati. Tapi, selalu dari pihak lawan. Ataupun pihak keluarga (jauh) yang memposisikan diri di pihak lawan. Jadi, ga ngaruh lah.

Jadinya .. ya gitu deh. Cerita mengalir lancar. Menarik dan tegang. Tapi .. begitu bukunya tamat dibaca, perasan kita jadi lega dan happy. Bagus sih. Tapi .. apa ga jadi gampang ketebak akhir ceritanya ya ? Ya iyalah. Empat bukunya happy ending kok. Ntar kita liat aja ya. Kalo ada buku kelimanya. Masih happy ending ga ? Kayanya sih iya lah.


Aku dapet award nih dari Wiwik. Udah lama sih, dia kasih. Cuma akunya aja yang masih bengang bengong blom nemu waktu dan mood yang tepat untuk sekadar nempelinnya di sini. Oh, well … dengan senang hati kutempel sekarang ..


butterfly-award3Katanya sih, mesti diterusin lagi ke blogger laen. Tapi .. bingung nih. Secara, para bloggers di komunitas udah pada dapet award ini kecuali aku.ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

Bloggers yang belom dapet award ini (kalo ada), akan aku kasih …. big hug ajah …. eheheheh …

Oh, well, kinda cool juga nih blog setelah dapet the coolest blog I ever know. Bukan begitu, sodara-sodara ?? Kan .. kan .. ? KAN .. ???

Oya, aku baru selesai baca buku Stephenie Meyer yang ke-empat. Tar aku ulas ceritanya ya. Mumpung lagi in the good mood buat nge-blog. Tapi ntar. Sekarang aku mo siap2 nganter Diero ke suatu tempat dulu. ahahaha…. kesannya rahasia banget. Ga lah … Ga rahasia.

Cuma mo ke dokter. Dan kayanya aku mesti siap2 bawa bekal yang banyak. Karena walopun Diero di sekolahnya paling ditakuti temen2nya karena dia punya prinsip ‘senggol-tabok !’ .. (siapa yang nyenggol Diero walopun ga sengaja, bakal langsung ditabok Diero), tapi .. Diero bakal sangat memprihatinkan kalo sudah mesti nemui dokter. Seluruh kekuatannya akan luruh. Badannya lemes dan sembunyi di belakang aku. Apalagi kalo si dokter udah njentik2 jarum suntik. Diero bakal menghiba2 manggil aku. Dan setelah itu dia bakal njerit2 kaya mau disembelih. Sampe perlu tiga orang buat megang tangan dan kakinya. Ah .. memilukan. Sekaligus menggelikan.

Makanya aku bawa bekal makanan dan minuman kesukaannya. Permen, minuman2 kotak kecil, susu2 yoghurt, dll. Semacem award lah, buat kemauan dia nemui dokter walopun dalem hatinya ciut bukan maen.

Oyea .. award. Award bikin kita semangat, isn’t it ? Apresiasi setelah apa yang udah kita kerjain dengan semangat untuk hasil yang terbaik. Okeh, aku bakal semangat nge-blog lagi deh. Kali2 ada award the coolest of the coolest setelah ini … ๐Ÿ˜‰