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SELEB of the Day

Siapa ya selebnya ??

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Some WORDs to Our Son

To our dear son,

We wish we could always be next to you, help you and protect you every second.

But, we can’t.

You grow up so fast !

You’re a big boy now. Please enjoy your childhood. Once you become an adult, you’ll face that life wouldn’t be that easy.

Try to explore and learn about everything. Keep studying, our son ! Be the best you can be.

Learn how to protect yourself and survive

But, once you have a hard time, just keep in your mind that you have us, your family, that love you so much

And Allah will always helps you in every way

Adro Anra Purnama,

Happy Birthday, sayang !

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Sudah 37 TAHUN

To my dearest hubby ..

And the best papah in the world ..


 Selamat Ulang Tahun ….

Semoga tercapai segala yang diharapkan dan diimpikan. Semoga sehat selalu. We love you. So much. We do. 🙂

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